PPG Foundation Invested Nearly $12 Million in Worldwide
2020-03-03 18:44:31

PPG, PPG Foundation Invested Nearly $12 Million in Communities Worldwide in 2019


Company achieves milestone, completes more than 300 COLORFUL COMMUNITIES projects since 2015

公司再创全新里程碑: 自 2015 年启动以来,已完成超过 300 个“多彩社区”项目

PPG announced that PPG and the PPG Foundation invested $11.8 million in communities worldwide in 2019. The funds supported community sustainability and educational programming, and highlight PPG’s commitment to supporting communities where its employees live, work and play.

匹兹堡,2020年3月3日—PPG(纽约证交所代码:PPG)今日宣布,2019年 PPG 和 PPG 基金会共计投入1180 万美元用于全球各地社区的公益活动。这些资金主要用于在 PPG 员工所生活、工作和参与建设的社区组织开展可持续发展和教育项目。

“PPG is proud to have had the opportunity in 2019 to positively impact 325 community organizations in 38 countries where the company has a local presence,” said Malesia Dunn, executive director, PPG Foundation and corporate global social responsibility.

PPG 基金会及全球企业社会责任执行总监 Malesia Dunn 表示:“我们十分自豪能够在2019年,对PPG公司运营所在的38个国家中的 325个社区组织产生积极影响。”

A selection of the grant recipients and funding purposes include:


  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania: PPG AI Pathways Institute & Teen Accelerator program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Universities in China & South Korea: PPG’s University Talent Power Program, which offered scholarships to 10 Chinese and two Korean universities, as well as career counseling services at 15 Chinese universities.

  • Vocational school in Kocaeli, Turkey: A new color application laboratory for students interested in pursuing a career in the automotive refinishing field.   

  • Junior Achievement in Sumaré, Brazil: Our Nation STEM programming, My Money My Business, Future of Work STEM and Innovation Camp.

  • 西宾夕法尼亚青少年俱乐部(Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania):资金主要用于PPG在美国宾夕法尼亚州匹茨堡市设立的 AI Pathways Institute & Teen Accelerator项目。

  • 中国及韩国多所大学:PPG高校人才助力计划为10所中国大学和2所韩国大学赞助奖学金,同时还为15所中国大学的学生提供就业咨询服务。

  • 土耳其科贾埃利省(Kocaeli)职业技术学校:投资建设全新的色彩应用实验室,助力有志于在汽车修补漆领域发展的学生提升学业水平。

  • 巴西Sumaré青年成就 (Junior Achievement)组织:捐款主要用于Our Nation STEM项目、My Money My Business项目、Future of Work STEM项目以及创新营项目。

In addition, PPG reached a milestone in 2019 by completing more than 300 COLORFUL COMMUNITIES® projects since the program’s inception in 2015. With more than 8,000 gallons (30,300 liters) of paint and 4,100 employee and community volunteers, PPG has brought color and brightness to community assets around the world, impacting more than 6.5 million people.

此外,PPG 在 2019年还创造了一个新的里程碑,即自 2015 年启动以来,已完成 300 多个“多彩社区”(COLORFUL COMMUNITIES®)项目。2019年,凭借超过8000加仑(约30,300升)的涂料、4100 多名员工和社区志愿者的参与,PPG为全球650 多万居民带来了更多彩、更明亮的社区环境。

A few of the Colorful Communities project recipients include:


  • Government primary school in Baluganj Agra, India: Nearly 200 PPG volunteers spent around four hours beautifying the school by painting the walls and creating vivid drawings of nature and slogans to inspire the 50 young students who currently attend the school.

  • CEIPSO Federico Garcia de Lorca in Camarma de Esteruelas, Spain: Approximately 70 volunteers from PPG, the school and the community painted classrooms, doors and rejuvenated exterior spaces on the facility’s grounds for the more than 1,000 students who attend the school.

  • Mano Amiga School in Querétaro, Mexico: Approximately 30 volunteers from PPG, Universidad Anáhuac and the community participated in the inaugural STEM Colorful Communities project, which allowed more than 200 children to experience both color and STEM in their classrooms.

  • Booker T. Washington High School in Miami, Florida: More than 100 PPG global leaders spent a combined 250 hours painting areas of the facility in the school’s long-standing colors of orange, black and white to provide inspirational learning environments that will be beneficial to the success of current and future students for years to come. The project also included three bright, music-themed murals in the school’s once monochromatic band room.

  • 印度Baluganj Agra的公立小学:近200名PPG志愿者提供将近4小时的志愿服务,通过粉刷墙壁、绘制彩色大自然风景画和标语等方式对该所学校进行了美化装饰,极大地鼓舞了50名在校学生的学习热情。

  • 西班牙卡玛尔-德埃斯特韦拉斯(Camarma de Esteruelas)的CEIPSO Federico Garcia de Lorca学校:来自PPG、学校内部以及周边社区约70名志愿者对教室和教室门进行了重新粉刷,并对校内户外活动区域进行了翻新,为1000多名在校生打造更加舒适的活动环境。

  • 墨西哥克雷塔罗的     Mano Amiga学校:来自PPG、Universidad Anáhuac以及周边社区的30余名志愿者参加了首次举办的STEM “多彩社区”项目,为200多名学生体验色彩魅力、学习科学、技术、工程和数学(STEM)相关课程提供了良好机会。

  • 美国佛罗里达州迈阿密的Booker T华盛顿高中:100多名PPG全球领导人提供了累计250小时的志愿服务,运用该学校的标志性颜色橙色、黑色和白色,对学校内部多个区域进行了重新粉刷,创造更具启发性的学习环境,有助于今天以及未来的学生在今后可以取得学业成功。此外,该项目还包括在曾经只有单色装饰的乐队排练室绘制三幅以音乐为主题的壁画。

 “We are grateful for the continued energy and passion of our 47,000 global employees, who have positively impacted millions of people and their communities worldwide,” said Dunn.

“我们衷心感谢47,000名全球员工持续不断的付出和热情。他们为全球社区的数百万居民带来了积极影响。” Dunn表示。

EDITOR’S NOTE: For additional information regarding PPG’s communityengagement efforts in 2019, visit our online newsroom at http://news.ppg.com/community-engagement/ppg-2019-community-engagement-year-end.

编者注:有关2019 年PPG 社区公益活动的更多信息,敬请访问我们的网上新闻中心http://news.ppg.com/community-engagement/ppg-2019-community-engagement-year-end

PPG’s global community engagement efforts and the PPG Foundation aim tobring color and brightness to PPG communities around the world. We investedmore than $11 million in 2019, supporting hundreds of organizations across 38countries. By investing in educational opportunities, we help grow today’sskilled workforce and develop tomorrow’s innovators in fields related tocoatings and manufacturing. Plus, we empower PPG employees to multiply theirimpact for causes that are important to them by supporting their volunteerefforts and charitable giving. Learn more at www.ppgcommunities.com.